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Klockner - UPC Chair in Dental Implants and Prostheses

José María Manero Planella
93 401 07 14
The Klockner-UPC Chair in Dental Implants and Prostheses, which was set up in September 2006, aims to promote knowledge of the optimisation of dental implants and dental prosthetic materials to help surgeons and prosthetists provide patients who have dental problems with definitive solutions.

The coordinator and director of the Chair is José María Manero Planella, a professor in Materials Science and Metallurgy. The management team consists of university professors and directors from the companies Soadco SL and Klockner.

The specific objectives of the Chair are the following:
• To disseminate and bring new technologies to surgeons and dental prosthetists to facilitate their work and improve the quality of results.
• To encourage innovation in the field of biomaterials and especially dental implants and to improve their properties to ensure their adequate behaviour in the long term.
• To bring industry and the University closer by working together and training future professionals in the field of biomaterials.

The Chair's activities are specifically geared towards the following:
• Education. Publishing related to implants, including research articles in scientific journals and a book about dental implants. The Chair will also teach basic and specialisation courses, participate in the Padrós Institute's master's degree and organise workshops on the latest trends in implants, prostheses and biomaterials.
• Research, development and innovation in the application of new materials, processes and techniques in order to improve implants' properties and provide better in-service results.
• Technology transfer activities designed to take advantage of technological innovations by researchers at the UPC.
• Technological support from biomaterials experts at the UPC to improve the production and quality of dental implants and accessories.