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SEAT - UPC Chair in Automotive Excellence and Innovation for Sustainable Mobility

Lluís Jofre (direcció) / Robert Griñó (direcció acadèmica) / CIT UPC (coordinació tècnica)
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Five years after the establishment of the first SEAT-UPC chair on innovation management and sustainable design, its successor, the SEAT-UPC Chair in Automotive Excellence and Innovation for Sustainable Mobility, was set upby agreementon 29 June 2012 with the aim of adding new activities related to strategic management. The new chair was set up in the framework of the UPC Energy Campus, recognised as an international campus of excellence.

The Chair’s activities include:

  • Carrying out research, innovation and competitiveness projects, focused initially on three areas:

                  Materials and processes
                  Efficiencies via simulation
                  Connectivity, software, sensors and vision

  • Establishing a specific knowledge strategy for SEAT’s applied research line.
  • Improving students’ qualifications and skills, particularly leadership skills, by encouraging mobility between the two organisations.
  • Improving professional development through the work of the UPC’s teaching and research staff and through mobility between the two organisations.
  • Proposing improvement initiatives and innovation projects based on bachelor’s and master’s theses.
  • Incorporating research carried out at the UPC in the field of innovation in the automotive industry into SEAT’s priority research lines by means of doctoral scholarship programmes.
  • Fostering the recruitment, training and loyalty of talent.
  • Organising postgraduate courses and a master's degree in Automotive Engineering.
  • Promoting innovation and dissemination and raising the profile of the activities carried out by the Chair.