Many conclusions in engineering areas come from comparisons between graphs, images, etc.. For this reason, it is necessary to compare as objectively as possible the results with either a pattern or a reference. In 2001, IEEE EMC Society committee viewing the increasing use of computational methods, develope a method that allows us to validate the results and quantify their similarity objectively. This method is called FSV (“Feature Selective Validation Method”), which today is an IEEE standard (1597.1 / 2) for validation processes.

In GCEM-UPC we work in the development, analysis and application of the validation methods in the electromagnetic simulation. As a results of this work, done with the FSV authors’ agreement, GCEM launches a powerful graphical tool based on this and other methods (IELF, R-factor, correlation,etc). This software is able to compare data and to represent the results in accordance with IEEE 1597 and Amelet standards.

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