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Vision and mission


To be a centre of knowledge on Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electrical Safety at national and international level for continuous innovation in research and technology transfer to the industrial sector and the government.


To be able to offer the best solutions at each moment in the field of Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electrical Safety by:

  • Participation and leadership in national and international research projects.
  • Expert advice to industry in:
    • Full cycle product development of equipment, systems and installations.
    • Legislation on self-certification and certification issues.
    • Design and management of testing laboratories.
  • High level training on Electrical Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility for industry.
  • Advice on the assessment of exposure to electromagnetic fields of living beings.

Campus Nord, C4 Builing.
1-3 Jordi Girona St. 08034 Barcelona. Spain.
Phone: (+34) 93.401.10.21

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