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SCCaOS 2017




The SINO-Spanish Campus at the Tongji University  is pleased to announce the Workshop in Smart Cities: Challenges and Opportunities (SCCaOS 2017) to be celebrated in June 14-15 2017 at Barcelona UPC School of Nautical Studies (FNB).

This workshop is part of the commemorations of the 5th anniversary of the Sino Spanish Campus, an international alliance among the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), and the mentioned Tongji University (TU).

The aim of SSCaOS 2017 is bringing together outstanding faculty from the participant universities, together with some technical representatives from the industry and IT managers from the local government, in order to create the appropriate atmosphere for debate, discussion, the flow of ideas and, eventually, the seed for future joint collaborations.

The workshop has been designed with five tracks, all of them under the broader topic of the Smart Cities:

1. Sensors and Artificial Intelligence for Hospitals/Well Aging

2. Architecture and Future Cities

3. Urban Vehicles for future cities

4. Smart Drone applications

5. City Sensoring

Each track will be structured as a set of fast expositions about the topic, including the speaker’s vision, challenges and opportunities for development and business. At the end of the expositions, a panel session will summarize contributions and open the event to create a rich debate among speakers and attendants.

SSCaOS 2017 will be completed with one Keynote Talk from a distinguished corporate representative and, of course, with the traditional social dinner where participants will relax and enjoy the charm of Barcelona culture and food.

Looking forward to seeing you in Barcelona and enjoy a fruitful SCCaOS 2017!



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挑战与机遇研讨会(SCCaOS 2017)。


SSCaOS 2017的举办目的是联合各优秀大学的专业教授、行业技术代表以及当地政府部门IT精英,提供一个拥有学术气氛的行业研讨会以为今后的深入合作做下铺垫。


  1. 传感器与人工智能在医院、老龄化领域的应用
  2. 建筑与未来城市
  3. 未来城市的城市车辆
  4. 智能无人机应用程序
  5. 城市感测


SSCaOS 2017研讨会也将会邀请一位杰出的企业代表作为主讲人,同时传统的社交晚宴也将给与会者提供一个放松优雅的就餐环境,让各位体验巴塞罗那的文化与美食魅力。

SSCaOS 2017智慧城市研讨会期待您的参与!