Xavier Franch

Ph.D. in Informatics
Full Professor

Contact at:
    UPC - Campus Nord
    Omega building, room 122
    c/Jordi Girona Salgado 1-3
    E-08034 Barcelona
    e-mail: xavier.franchupc.edu
    Skype: xavier.franch
    Twitter: @FranchXavier
    Phone: +34 - 93 413 7891
    ORCID: 0000-0001-9733-8830
    ResearcherID: A-8588-2008
    Scopus: 6603081752


I belong to the GESSI research group. I am currently involved in the following events: I belong to the Steering Committees/Advisory Boards of CAiSE, REFSQ, PROFES, the i* workshop, JISBD and CIbSE. I also belonged to the REFSQ Steering Committee from 2010 to 2016 (as vice-chair since 2013), and to the RE Steering Committee from 2008 to 2021.

Find here my list of publications. You may find my google scholar profile.

In H2020, I am/I was: project coordinator of the Q-Rapids project (Nov. 2016-Oct. 2019; E-01372), scientific manager of the SUPERSEDE project (May 2015-April 2018) and UPC representative of the OPENREQ project (Jan. 2017-Dec. 2019; E-01376).

In FP7, I was project coordinator of the RISCOSS project (Nov. 2012-Dec. 2015). I was UPC representative in the S-Cube Network of Excellence (Feb. 2008-Feb. 2012), where UPC was associated node.

I am or have been scientific responsible or co-responsible of the following Spanish funded projects: GAISSA (2022-2024), D3M (2021-2023), DOGO4ML (2021-2025), GENESIS (2017-2020), EOSSAC (2013-2016), ProS-Req (2010-2013), ADICT (2007-2010), UPIC (2004-2007), DALÍ (2001-2004) and ComProLab (1997-2000).

I'm member of the Academia Europaea since July 2022.

I'm member of the IREB, currently as Full Member (from March 2018) and Council Member (from June 2015). I'm vice-chair of the IREB Council since March 2019.

I'm member of the ISERN network, as UPC representative (from January 2015).

I got a Most Influential Paper award at RE'22.

I belong to the Editorial Boards of the journals: IST (Elsevier), REJ (Springer), and Computing (Springer). In addition, I played the role of J1C2 chair in JSS (Elsevier) from May 2018 to May 2022, and Editor-in-Chief in IET Software (after serving them also as Editorial Board member for some period) from Nov. 2017 to Sept. 2020. I was board member in IJCIS (World Scientific) for the period April 2017 - Sept. 2020, and IJISMD (IGI) for the period Sept. 2010-August 2019.

I have occupied the following positions at conferences:

I have organized / I'm currently organizing the following series of workshops: RECOTS (2003@RE, 2004@RE), MPEC (2004@ICSE, 2005@ICSE), SOCCER (2005@RE, 2006@RE), i* (2008@IDEAS, 2010@CAiSE, 2011@RE), CMM (2011@CAiSE), CESI (2013@ICSE, 2014@ICSE, 2015@ICSE), TwinPeaks (2013@ICSE, 2013@RE, 2014@ICSE), WRMOCC (2014@COMPSAC), EmpiRE (2014@RE), iStarT (2015@CAiSE), CrowdRE (2017@RE), JIT-RE (2017@RE), NLP4RE (2018@REFSQ, 2019@REFSQ), SQuaDE (2018@ICSE), CSRSQ (2018@QRS), QuaRAP (2018@RE), DSQA (2019@QRS).

I have advised or co-advised the following PhD students: Edith Zavala (2019), Oscar Cabrera (2017), Cristina Palomares (2016), Silverio Martínez (2016), Marc Oriol (2015), David Ameller (2014), Lidia López (2013), Carlos Cares (2012), Claudia Ayala (2008), Gemma Grau (2008), Juan P. Carvallo (2005), Jordi Marco (2005), Josep M. Ribó (2002).

I have given keynote talks at ENASE 2020, CIbSE 2019, EmpiRE@RE 2018, WER 2016, MoDRE@RE 2014, CEDIA 2014 and RCIS 2012. Other invited talks were at RE (2019-Industry Day; 2004-State of the Art talks); IFIP WG 2.9 2017 and 2009; Dagstuhl seminar 2012.


  • Master in Innovation and Research in Informatics (MIRI): Advances on Software Engineering (ASE, taught at UPC)
  • Informatics Engineering (EI): Software Engineering Project (PES, taught at UPC)
Here you may find information about my old old book on data structures (available in Catalan and Spanish)


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