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SALSA'M programme. Get a buddy, make a friend

SALSA'M programa de mentores



What is SALSA'M?
SALSA'M is the UPC's buddy programme. We connect local students and incoming students who are studying at our university for one semester.

Who will my buddy be?
Your buddy will be a student from your school who will provide academical, cultural and linguistic support.

What am I going to do?
There will be outings and cultural activities. Your buddy will also give you academic support and useful tips on living in the city (addresses, transport, prices).

Can I practise Catalan or Spanish with my buddy?
Yes, the SALSA'M programme also includes language exchanges activities. You'll decide with your buddy what language to practise.

Free Catalan course
The programme will also provide you with a free Catalan course and help you start using basic expressions to interact with the locals.