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Ibon Bilbao
Josep Bohigas


A-43, A-44


Tuesday 17:00-20:00

Thursday 17:00-20:00


Arquitectos de Cabecera (GP Architects) is a methodology born as an arcademic proyect from the ETSAB in 2013. It aims to make the figure of the architect closer to the citizen and to prove that we are still useful for the society in the middle of an economic and social crisis working from the collective housing in the existing city. AC is born as a demand from the achitecture students that put in cirsis the universitary teaching method.

It aims to confront an academic lack, in which we are lacking the contact with reality and its problems; a social lack in a contextof generalized housing emergency  and a professional lack in a moment of deep crisis to exceed the architecture. Thats why we aim to empower the students and take the existing city as a work area.

We make an approach to the colective housing emphazising the subject and not the object through the creation of transversal teams and the direct collaboration with other entities from the neighbourhood.

Acting on the housing to transform the city from the inside out.