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Architectural Project and Sustainability

Architectural Project and Sustainability


Luís Berian Sanzol






Monday 17:00 - 20:00


The starting point of the subject is that the architectural project synthesizes technological, economic, social and environmental aspects (and their corresponding cultural implications) in order to orient the transformation of the environment in a symbiotic way between the human being and the environment.

“Architectural design and sustainability. The Environmental Assessment in the Design Process” is proposed as a complement to the courses of Architectural Projects of the last two courses of the Degree in Architecture of the ETSAB, in order to incorporate into the design process of buildings aspects such as the ecological footprint, energy efficiency, reduction of non-renewable resources or the impact on the health of the users.

The course is conducted in collaboration with the GBCe Green Building Council Spain (Consejo para la Edificación Sostenible en España), an association to which UPC belongs as an associated academic institution. The GBCe is part of the WGBC World Green Building Council.