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Architecture & Invention I-II



Ignacio López Alonso          Ignacio Martinez Molina


A-32, A-33


Tuesday 17:00-20:00

Thursday 15:00-18:00


The general idea of the course is based on the idea of responsability. At his point of their learning the students, who are in several ways architects, have to show their capacity to asume and be responsable of their decisions, of how they want to be architects themselves. To choose about complex questions, that some would call undecidible: the paradox.

Another main aspect of our proposal has to do with the material, the materiality. How we achive architecture through the construction, the constructive and structural system, the building as a built machine. Thats why we ask to work with at least one vertical and one horizontal section to 1:50 scale.

The semesters (TSI and TSII) can be taken independently, although they are coordinated.

The proposed work is about the problem of the social rent housing and the necessity of making architectural proposal that can influence. In  a city of an extraordinary (with an obvious lack of free spaces) we propose to detect the oportunity spaces and an alternative grid  to Cerda's plan and the relation between block/street, to propose the desing of an alternative and complementary grid based on an urban structure built by interstitial spaces.

The theme to develop will be placed in the Ca l'Alier sector delimited by the streets Bac de Roda, Bolivia, Selva de Mar and Venezuela. The theme to develop wil be a public building on a neighborhood (between 2000 and 3000m²) and the development of 50 social rent and emergency houses from the industrialized constructive systems.

Ideas like inteerstice, limit, paradox, placed memory, strata, trace as a sing, form of the territory and orographic accidents or structure of the property, will set the basic lexicon of the proposal.