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Design of de structured public space



Olga Felip Ordis         

Jan Güell Rotllan




Tuesday 08:30 - 11:30

Thursday 10:30 - 13:30


The readability and understanding of the city is directly related to the urban design. We have to understand the city design from the public space design. The city is the place for the overlap of functions, for the confluence of conflicts and the expresion of the colective life that are focused on its public space and thats why deigning these spaces is important.

The cities are constantly being reformulated and the public spaces need to be transformed to adapt to the new demands, the new values, the new uses.

During the last decades the urban spaces have gone from being formally defined soaces (with segregated functions in a lot of cases and sure of its uses) to spaces of more coexistence, highly functional and more versatile. No transformation/re-urbanization of the public space has any sense if it isn't for giving a new value to the existing. The potenciallity of the cities for the transformations is causing new challenges and new solutions of their public spaces that the studio wants to work on so that the students can find answers in the urban design, public space and urban landscape field. The studio can take this debate to the school with a project of urban space that will be approached from a team work analysis and interpretatiion of the place to the individual design of the space and all its elements. Some public spaces make a structural function besides of their spatial value.