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Design V-VI. Afternoon



Félix Solaguren [R]              Berta Bardí i Milà [R]           Luis Alegre Heitzmann        Antoni Barceló Baeza          Cristóbal Fernández              Gustau Gili Galfetti                Carles Vinardell Puig


A-31, A-32, A-33
A-34, A-35, A-36


Monday 17:00-20:00

Wednesday 17:00-20:00


POST-OCCUPATION OF POST-OLIMPIC BARCELONA. It is an Architectural Design course focused on the intervention of an area built 30 years ago for a very puntual and ephemeral event thar served to change the city: the 1992 Olympics. It is intended to especulate about the new ways of thinking and designing the re-ocupation of that built area when time has gone by, the conditions have changed and the initial sense has been lost.

Specifically, we think about the present and future of the sports area of Vall d'Hebron, delimited by the round and characterized by sports use, in addition to a hospital complex and different housing complexes.

A purposeful architectural thought about new contemporary ways of life, the sense if public space and the redefinition of the public facilities are pursued.

The projects will start from these programmatic and environmental issues to solve them with architectural instruments, methods and techniques, through contemporary technological systems that respond to multifuntional spaces and large distances.

The architecture of the isolated buildings has no interest itself, but rather the fit in the planning and the encounter between the existing elements and the new elements to generate a new reality in which spatial, constructive and social systems coexist that promote both individual life as the collective one, both the public and private dimensions. Architectural operations will be encouraged according to concepts and strategies such as occupation, overlap, infiltration or delimitation, and always from the precise knowledge of reality and the constructive and organizational techniques that make transformation possible.

The cooperative work of the student body with joint or complementary proposals and the construction of models and collective material will be encouraged.


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