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Design V-VI. Morning



Elena Fernández Salas [R]  Jordi Adell Roig                      Eugeni Bach Triado              Toni Casamor                        Maldonado  Martí Sanz 


A-31, A-32, A-33
A-34, A-35, A-36


Monday 10:30-13:30

Wednesday 10:30-13:30


The course that is presented hear corresponds to the fourth year of the Architecture Degree. The situation is over the the middle of this academic stage, what allows approach the architectural design like the melting pot of the knowledge adquired in form of architecture.

Once overcomed the generic (the desing as the vertrbrator of diciplines) the main objective of rhe course would be to theach the student on the areas of the doing of the architect and that develope on a equivalent and simultaneous way: Thinking and Action. For that debate and deliberation (thinking) on various contemporary problematics will be stimulated in order to propose (action) solutions according our time, meaning that the architectural desing must give an answer to a specific social, economic and enviromental situation in each case.

Therefor we can say that this Teching Proyect chases two goals:

1.- The intelectual building of the student, approaching the desing as research.

2.- The professional building of the student, using the desing as a catalyst of the different disciplines learned through previous years.


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