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Infraestructure & City/Technique



Carme Ribas
Eduard Miralles
Antón María Salvadó


A-41, A-42


Tuesday 17:00-20:00

Thuesday 17:00-20:00


After four years of degree, in which the studios have exercised the students to give an answer to situations enunciated by the professors, this studio aims to favor their capacity to ask questinons in order to come off concrete statements of work on urban scenarios in transformation. It is understood that the basic architect's instruments has been developed during the previous years and now it is time to inmerse the student in the real complexity of the decision making over our environment. It is time to open the focus and add other looks (a lot of times from other porfessional fiels or even non professional colectives) in order to make the students exercise in a work environment a lot closer to what they will find in their future professional life.

We talk about "City and Infrastucture" because they are two inseparable concepts. The colective organization both from the power supplies and the waste management, as well as the movility of the people and the goods necessry for the individual and collective life, have been and continue to be elements for the spatial building of our urban environment and sets the essential support of the public space. We also think that around the infraestructures (active or not) where embryos for new opportunity of thinking the city show up so often, incorporate recicling criteria of the existing structures.

We understand the design as the own recognition tool and of the analysis of our environment. Therefor the subject's main vertebral axis will be the assays and proposals of physical transformation of the cities. The studio will end with a specific proposal that will include the tested volumetryand will define a program of uses with their architectural translation.

A european city is offered for each edition of the studio as work territory and inside this city it is also offered a concrete ambit in which important infrastructures converge and opportunity spaces to be rethought. The proposed city will get in relation to Barcelona, that stays as reference territory or unity of measurement, incorporating it to the general thought on the chosen european city.