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Light Festival Barcelona

Light Festival Barcelona



Ignacio López Alonso                        Felix Solaguren - Beascoa






Thursday 08:30 - 10:30


ETSAB participates once again in the Llum BCN festival in the Poblenou district of Barcelona. The school, through this optional subject, will be represented by its team of students, who will design and build with their own hands a light installation for the festival, which will take place in February.

LlumBCN started in 2012 as a small festival of urban lighting with the aim of highlighting the beauty of the city's buildings. Through the experience of the 2012 and 2013 editions, arose the need to dynamize the idea of a monument and the urgency of involving the public by offering them a city experience and a new nightlife landscape.

Draw a tour of the city to propose to the visitor familiar scenarios but as a new experience. Offer a portion of these spaces to students from schools of Architecture, Art and Design to make and execute lighting proposals (each school is allocated a different space and an equal budget and also a deadline to present a project at the festival).

In 2018 the festival moves to the Poblenou district. A change of location, which became a new challenge, since the new spaces to work are of a very different nature and therefore were launched new strategies and other kind of treatment of light and space. Poblenou is a neighborhood with low population density, with an industrial past that has generated large empty spaces many of them currently inhabited by young people, universities, cooperatives, workshops, associations, etc . . . The spaces chosen to offer schools are very diverse but always under the concept of "interstitial spaces", which link different places and which are not yet fully defined spaces.


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