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Nordic Masters



Jaime J. Ferrer Fores




Tuesday 18:00-20:00


We aim to make the students closer tu de model work of the nordic architecture that allow thoughts capable of help them in the process of design and that give them the critical ability necessary to develope the architectural design during the studies. Given the impossibility of formulating a design method, the proposed teaching assumes the slow and patient search that Le Corbusier suggests throught the progresive internalization in the refference frame: where knowledge is collected and experience is treasured. In this way, ensuring that distance allows greater proximity, it is proposed to analyze the works of the Nordic masters to recognize the basic elements, the compositional operations and the disciplinary mechanisms that they have used.

The place, the light and the materials, the constructive refinement, the material integrity and the geometrical simplicity establish a combination of rigor and sensitivity that characterizes the work of the nordic masters and centers the subject's content.

In the 50s the nordic countries become an architectural paradise of the Modernity and today establish an essential reference with their balance compromissed with the environmental. The age-old wisdom of the generations is filtered to receive the magical reverberation of the heritage of the ancients in a tradition tied to the earth and memory. The avant-garde fervor and technological optimism crystallize in the Stockholm Exhibition of 1930 where the Scandinavian architectural renovation begins with Nordic functionalism. The evolution of the nordic architecture assimilates the thoughts of the vanguard without giving up the vernacular collection, the material tradition and the environment and it is developed in a critical continuity with the international impulses. The course (of a theorical-practical character) includes a dynamic articulation between the documental classes, the research seminars developed around the cycle of conferences and the student's supervised work and the public presentation of the results.