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Program and place I-II



Eduard Bru
Andreu Arriola
Concepció Balcells


A-61, A-62


Tuesdays 10:00-13:00

Thursdays 10:30-13:30


The academic year 19-20 aproaches the metropolitan fact, understanding it as a process that affects the periphery, but also transforms the idea of center itself, of functional and social center, as the organization of the space, with the elaboration of new language elements. The theorical background of this program participates in  aproximations to realism, including related experiences, like Pop and Kitch and doesn't necessarily reject the proccedimental or formal eclecticism. The two semesters are treated as two different subjects.

Exercise T2: Check Lesseps plaza in Barcelona

The changes of Barcelona's urban form made Lesseps plaza a "non-place" in a big scale. Vilaplana/Piñon's intervention (with Miralles as a collaborator) makes sure to find an appropiate language for the situation.

Time has passed by and we may be in the conditions to test other solutions from other looks of reality, from other ideas of place, city and public space. The topic includes urban space and new buildings.