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To build communities



Ricardo Flores
Eva Prats




09:00-21:00 during the workshop


In this situation of global crisis the colective housing can help to give stability and return the trust that seems to have been lost in a lot of layers of the current society. The trust in our neighbors, to count on them, makes a comunity in which one can feel accompanied and that can be supported at any time; is a necessity that architecturecan help to solve in a decisive way. To collaborate to invert an isolation tendency, favoring communication, knowing and relating, physical and communicative contact between neighbors.

We care about the inclusive nature of social housing, with its ability to incorporate sectors of society in danger of exclusion, not only economic but also cultural. Collective housing can function as a first social circle within the larger structure of society and the city, which is why the architect's multidisciplinary training is essential to understand the social impact implicit in the design of housing.