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Urban Regeneration and Sustainable Rehabilitation

Urban Regeneration and Sustainable Rehabilitation


Oriol Cusidó i Garí





Tuesday 08:30 - 11:30              Thursday 10:30 - 13:30


The Urban Regeneration and Sustainable Rehabilitation Workshop [RURS] proposes to develop a project in a fragment of an existing city in an exercise of synthesis between urbanism, architecture and technology. It is not a question of developing projects on the basis of established premises, but of defining an itinerary where the announcements are formulated, the locations are identified and the projects are designed incorporating all the scales that are characteristic of the training of the architect. The workshop selects in each edition a capital city of the Mediterranean (Naples, Marseille, Cagliari. . . ) as a project scenario. Through of a lesser-known urban reality, we want to discover the complexity and diversity of urban spaces
contemporaries that we can apprehend to have relatively close cultural substrates and materialsThe built city is the place par excellence of the contemporary project. Commitment to the city inherited before that with urban extension, leads us to re-design cities to make them better spaces for social cohesion, for balanced economic development and for environmental efficiencyEach course will propose a fragment of a city as a laboratory for reflection on the contemporary city and its future. It is about developing a comprehensive analysis to understand the characteristics of a district or consolidated urban fabric (common plots, residential polygons, mixed fabrics, . . . )
urban tensions, economic pressures, environmental problems, vulnerability and segregation
social, among others. Conflicts that are expressed in the public space, in the skin and within the buildings, the ground floors and the street, in activities,. . . defining fragile, sometimes obsolete environments and deteriorated, which need smart projects for their reform, reactivation, upgrading and preservation.