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Visiting Studio I-II



Queralt Garriga
Juhani Pallasmaa


A-53, A-54


Tuesday 10:00-13:00

Thursday 10:30-13:30


The Studio task is to design a minimum dwelling in wood for industrial production for the purposes of temporary and urgent housing needs in Barcelona (emergency housing, homeless, low-income persons and families, refugees, etc.). The unit is required to be completed in a factory (with the exception of ground works, erection and in-situ technical connections on the site). The basic system approach (spatial units, panel system, framed system, etc.) as well as the manufacturing process (cross-laminated timber, solid timber, panel construction, etc.) will be determined after familiarization with Spanish timber industries and systems that have been used in other countries. The design will be developed following practical views of the timber industry experts.

The aim is to design the housing unit/system during the spring semester as individual student projects. In the end of the semester, the best project will be selected by the instructors, representatives of the Gremi de Fusta i Moble and the students in the Studio. The Studio group will make a study of the industrial housing systems that have been used in various countries (perhaps, through a lecture by a specialist, if available).

The selected project will be developed further (production drawings, details, specifications, necessary engineering drawings and presentation material and models) as a separate project beginning in the autumn of 2020. The execution project will be developed in agreement with the Gremi organization to be exhibited in Barcelona and elsewhere. This separate project group will be determined later, but the author of the selected project will naturally be in the team. The academic conditions and merits of the second phase will be determined at the time the execution team will be appointed.