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Visual lab.



Josep Maria Lafont




Thursday 08:30 a 10:30


The hybrid drawing is defined as the combined use of the diverse ways of traditional drawing and the digital one, taking advantage of each of its greatest expressive and communicative potentials but also formative of the ability of visual analysis, if used by architecture students. The agility of the new digital platforms together with the rigor of the traditional techniques of architectural representation and especially those of artistic drawing and analysis of forms, duly combined allow to enhance the communicative abilities of students, their visual education being the most effective way to represent imaginative, rich and flexible ideas, but also rigorous if necessary, since they allow to overcome the conventions of the most technical representations. It is visible intelligence and also art. In our proposal we consider that before finishing the studies in Architecture the student has to acquire skills for:

1. To experiment with the integration of the traditional sketch drawing in the architecturals design presentation once passed the basic dormancy of the architecture student.

2. With the experimentation in the use of new techniques like color pencils, pastels, soluble techniques like watercolor.

3. With the use of the own methodologies of the craft work and large formats joined to the agile strategies of the digital drawing's techniques on tablets or the post-procesing of traditional drawings or viceversa.

4. Towards them all together to complete their visual experience and their mixed and hybrid use, as a characteristic feature in an alternative way to the current one, to address the intentional representation of the project in the final phase of the studies.