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Introduction to research



Cristina Jover


C-B11, C-B12


Monday 17:00-20:00


Having as reference the three big intensification areas  of the master (Theory and Design, Design and Technology and Urbanism, Landsacape and management), the elective subjects will be design so that they approach problems and questions that they allow the student to deepen in the matters offered in the course and that they serve as referent of introduction to the research.

The subject, eminently practical, is headed to introduce the student to the advanced research for the production of material for the design as well as for possible academic research pappers. The students will write an individual theorical-practical papper that helps them with the writing of the memory of the Final Thesis based on the program and architectural references prior to the individual design of each student. Along the course a series of conferences and theoretical classes will be made in order to orient the students to the writing of academic pappers belonging to research groups, magazine publications... besides offering a base for getting a doctorate or starting a career as a teacher.