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Project and Theory, Architecture and Place

Project and Theory, Architecture and Place


Xavier Llobet Ribeiro (R)                            Enric Mir Teixidor (R)                                  Ana Zubelzu Viarje (R)                                Eduard Bru Bistuer                                      Ricardo Daniel Flores Gómez                    Eva Prats i Güerre



A-6.1, A-6.2, EA-6.1



Monday-Friday 15:00 a- 20:00


We want to reflect on the current situation in this Masters Course. Understand what is happening now and what tasks we have to do. In order to position ourselves, we are going to carry out a critical review of the artistic and architectural avant-garde of our age, which ranges from the nineteenth to the twenty-first century. We will talk about authors, works and manifestos. Watch the change that has occurred from the rationalist point of view of modern architecture towards another much more anthropological view of contemporary architecture. Rational thought is only an island in all thought. It is a tool that does not explain all the reality. And we will also check that Gaudí was the first Catalan avant-garde architect, very close to the contemporary approach of
the current architecture. For us, architecture is done primarily by ideas. Architectural ideas, ideas of form, ideas of space.

Architecture can be a lot, but it's mostly an art. All the baggage we will acquire through the study of the avant-garde will help us to understand the point of view of our Master's Degree, which is the point of view of Realism and Contextualism, that is, that our projects must take into account and integrate what exists. That is true, we are talking about magical realism, creative realism that makes sense of built-up reality.