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Theory and Practice of Urban and Building Design.



Alberto Peñín
Jordi Oliveras
Joaquin Sabate
Jaume Valor
Josep Parcerisa


C-B11, C-B12


Tuesday 08:30-10:30 or 15:00-17:00

Wednesday 08:30-10:30 or 15:00-17:00


This subject groups lessons, arguments in the seminary, visits and field work to orient and support the studios heading to the Final Thesis. Its timetable makes it a preamble to the studios ant the way of introducing diverse matters. The program aims to estimulate and make easier the process of making the Final Thesis.

The subject and the studio are organized in four modules according the following general guideline:

– Module 1. Theorical lessons that procure a critical review of the matters related to the theme of the course.

– Module 2. Small size capsules that will answer to the student's own agenda.

– Module 3. It is a professional orientation module that presents the architect's practice through guest speaker: who are they, what do they do, in which areas and on what possition; with what tools...

– Module 4.This time that mediates between the end of the teaching period and the presentation of the Final Thesis is saved for matters related to comunication, presentation, edition and diffusion of the design. The protagonist at this time is the deign itself.


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