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Urban Regeneration

Urban Regeneration


Félix Arranz San Vicente (R)



A-6.1, A-6.2, EA-6.1



Monday to Friday 15:00 - 20:00


In the course 2023-24 the workshop will face the challenge of influencing the urban regeneration of one of the great housing estates of Barcelona built in the 1960s: the Southwest neighbourhood of Besós.

The course presents a real project, developed in collaboration with the IMU, Barcelona City Council Municipal Urban Regeneration Institute, which is currently defining a field of Urban Regeneration in the Southwest of Besós to solve the various existing problems and to promote, among other factors, the rehabilitation of buildings, the improvement of public space and the generation of renewable energy and the optimisation of the water cycle.

The fundamental objective of the PFC workshop is the revival of the field on the basis of professional strategies brought to proposals for executive projects. Different themes will be considered such as replacing some existing facilities (mainly schools) with other buildings that favor the creation of new centralities in the neighborhood and a greater relationship with the urban space and its landscape taking into account the recovery of environmental quality in the current climate emergency context where strategic urban design can help to counteract the effects of climate change as well as building a more resilient city.