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Architecture, Environment and Technology



Eduard Callís Freixas            Carlos Marcos Padrós




Wednesday 15:30 - 19:30


Starting from the premise that the reason for architecture is “to organize reality according to the rules existing at each moment”, the subject is proposed as a space of
forward-looking reflection, aimed at discovering the social, physical, environmental, cultural, economic and political circumstances that will condition the work of the
architect of the 21st century.

Assuming that:

- “This reality” is currently undergoing a paradigm shift motivated, above all, by climate change,

- This environmental crisis is now being compounded by a health crisis which practically calls into question the well-known structures and models of coexistence, production and

We conclude that:

- The situation demands a re-invention and a re-construction of the world we knew, something that gives architecture and architects a determining role.

Based on this responsibility, we consider that:

- The field of action of what today we understand as “architectural project” will be obliged to expand, exchanging the limits that were attributed to the technical instrument of an office for others much more diffuse, transversal and transscale.

- Therefore, we will understand that the adaptation and response of the “architectural project” to this paradigm shift will mean going beyond its confinement to the constructive fact in order to assume the active and decision-making role in the definition of new social, cultural and political models required by the ordering of contemporary reality.