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Design Theory



Jaime J. Ferrer Fores




Thursday 15:30 - 18:30


This course approaches the internal logics of the architectural design. Christian Norberg-Schulz writes in "Intentions in architecture" that conceiving a building implies an intentionality, certain premises and procedures with which to face the formal definition of the architectural design. So the goal of the subject is to think about the ways of conceiving the buildings and abour their internal laws, exploring the cosistency of the studied works and analyzing the mechanisms, procedures, formal resources and spatial paradigms, historical and technical and the psysical and sotial context. The conceptualization and analysis od the different compositive procedures, the relation between composition and building, the process as method for the design and the articulation mechanisms that have characterized the architectural production of the XX and XXI centuries will make the objectives of the course.

The theoretical warp of the course aims to get closer to the entanglement between work and thought. Erich Mendelsohn writes that "when an idea is deep enough, it does not reach the entire existence to exhaust it".