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Master's Thesis Seminar

Master's Thesis Seminar


Jaime J. Ferrer Fores                        Elena Fernández Salas                     Pau Villalonga 






Miércoles de 15:30 a 19:30


The intention of the Seminar is twofold: despite the fact that its primary objective is to protect the student during the development of the Master's Thesis, the combination of the sessions
individual sessions _where tutor and student meet_, with collective sessions _where all the students and the staff of tutors linked to the TFM are summoned_ seeks to create a space of reflection focused on exploring also what should be “architectural research”, since we consider that it is a question still to be resolved.

So, starting from the following premises:

1. - That the Master's Thesis is the first academic research work faced, in most cases, by an architect;

2. - That experience shows that scientific methodologies, useful for other disciplines, are practically useless in architectural research
which aims to create innovative and operational knowledge at the current juncture.

We believe that it is urgent to create our own methods aimed at analyzing the creative act attributed to every project, understanding this fact in its entirety and thus overcoming its common attribution to the formal and technical definition of the constructive fact. In short, we claim the need to “project” the architectural research process with its own and genuine methodologies, in order to generate the necessary contributions to guarantee the advancement of the discipline towards the commitment demanded by the historical moment we are living.