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Catalan for Beginners


Catalan for begenners

Catalan for Beginners is a six-week course aimed at international students from the Hola! Programme, who have just arrived at the UPC and would like to make contact with Catalan language and culture.

The course will allow you to make friends from all over the world and learn the basics: saying hello, introducing yourself and asking for information. Also, to follow lessons taught in Catalan.

It involves using an e-learning platform and attending weekly face-to-face group tutorials and language practice sessions with local students.

The course is worth 2 ECTS credits (mobility students must get these credits recognised at the home university).

If you are a member of the UPC Alumni, UPCnet, BSC, FPC or you belong to an affiliated school: 90 €. Member of the UPC’s teaching and research staff: free.

Download the Catalan for Beginners leaflet