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Design y Landscape



Marius Quintana
Jose Manuel Toral


A-34, A-35


Tuesday 17:00-20:00

Thursday 15:00-18:00


The readability and understanding of the city is directly related to the urban design and the landscape that it generates. The city creates life, conflict, exchange and generates landscapes.

This studio (born from the confluence between Architeture, Urban Planing, Public space and Ladnscape) allows us to introduce notions about the environment, the natural laws, the environmental sensibility and the specific design of the urban landscape.

The choice of a complex place, with big metropolitan spectation and with special territorial, is key to develop a thematic studio rich in nuances that allow us to consolidate the studies in Urbanistic and Architectural Design implementing all the knowledge and landscape variables needed to offer the whole vision of the studied case.

The urban potential of transformation is offering new opportunities to the cities to improve their adaptation to the environment, to the climate change, to the human relation and the beautification of the spaces, from the biodiversity, the energetic saving, the habitat recovery and the rationalization of the uses.

This Thematic Studio looks to fill a gap in the global teaching for the new tendencies in contemporary architecture and the landscape from a sophisticated, dynamic and rigorous work.

The studio work (in groupu or individual) analyzes, interprets, acknoewledges and designs the place from the transversality of the knowledges, coming to the definition of all the scales necessary for the understatement of arguments and results. The landscape is the city's future.