The Board of the Intexter is the organ of participation of the social and industrial environment in defining the criteria and priorities in the strategic approach of INTEXTER since 2008.

Executive committee

  • President: Jordi Galtés
  • Vocal: Núria Basi
  • Vocal: Josep Fuster
  • Vocal: Joan Roma


  • Basi, Núria: Representative of Armand Basi.
  • Canals, Joan: President of Spanish Grouping of Knitwear.
  • Carrera, Enric: Director of l’INTEXTER-UPC.
  • Carrillo, Fernando: Academic Secretary of INTEXTER-UPC.
  • Cima, Eusebi: Velta Dye Manager and President of CEPIME.
  • Dinarés, Jordi: Vice president of "l'Institut Industrial de Terrassa".
  • Durán, Núria: Representative of  DESIGUAL.
  • Fuster, Josep: President of José Fuster, SA and member of "Consell d'Administració de l'Associació de Representants" and importers de Maquinària Tèxtil".
  • Galí, Marià: President of Terrassa Chamber of Commerce.
  • Galtés, Jordi: Representative of Texfort. President Sabadell Manufacturers Guild.
  • Morillo, Javier: Representative of Texfort.
  • Garcia, Francesc: Representant de Texfort. President Gremi de Fabricants de Sabadell.
  • Permanyer, Josep: Counselor of Banc Sabadell.
  • Ribera, Jaume: President of UNNIM-Caixa.
  • Roma, Joan: Angles Textile (ANTEX) and representative of Texfort.
  • Royes, Manel: Ex-President Consorci Zona franca, Ex-Mayor of Terrassa, Ex-President of “Diputació de Barcelona”.
  • Rector of UPC.
  • Major of Terrassa.