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Prof. Daniel Blanxart Pedrals i opened in 1939-40 during the "Testing and Research Laboratory of Textiles" on a provisional and rudimentary equipment, located in the Engineering Section of the Textile Industry College Terrassa (plant top of the Workshops of the School of Industrial Peritos). In 1941 it was renamed "Research Laboratory of Fibers and Textiles broom"
To celebrate the "International Conference on Technical Textiles" was inaugurated on 28.9.1954 Exhibition of Textile Machinery for testing "and since then it is considered established that began to" Laboratory and Industrial Cooperation Textile Research ", attached to the school and located in the same premises as described above. Only in economic Laboratory at this time with support for research work supported by the "Patronato Juan de la Cierva" of the Council for Scientific Research CESIC to Messrs. Cegarra and Lopez-Amo, which was then added other subsidies from the Ministry of National Education, and City Council of Barcelona Terrassa.
By Order of 10.6.1964 (Official Gazette of 3 August), formally establishing the Institute of Textile Research and Industrial Cooperation, in that order also approved its regulations. The Institute still attached to the Higher School of Industrial and Terrassa (Engineering Section of Textile Industries). Contribute to sustaining the Directorate of Technical Education, Barcelona and the city of Terrassa, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Barcelona, some companies colors, plus the Board of the School.
16.10.1964 awarded the works of new and existing buildings, amounting to 15 million. pesetas. In October 1967 the new building was completed for the Institute, but a lack of facilities, the move was delayed until January 1970, the date on which work began in the first two floors.
Since 1966 he joined the Institute of standardization work textile technology developed by the Working Committee 40, "Textiles of IRANOR and then became the seat of Subcommittee Solideces and Color Measurement, which comprise representatives Producers Organizations Colourants and laboratory technicians and business officials, and leading after the 1970 Spanish representation in the European and international forums.
The Governing Board of the Institute, established in the OM Creation of the Institute was established in 1967 and began his duties on 15.3.1968, when it was proposed to make the necessary changes to enable the Institute to have organizational and administrative independence of school.
6.6.1968 establishing the Higher Polytechnic Institute in Barcelona, which then comprised the technical colleges of Industrial Engineering of Barcelona, Terrassa, the School of Architecture in Barcelona and the Institute of Textile Research and Industrial Cooperation (INTEXTER).
The University of Barcelona was established by Decree of 11.3.1971 adopting the MEC the departmental structure of Higher Polytechnic Institute in Barcelona, in addition to integrating the schools already mentioned, the INTEXTER, universities and other research institutes. In that decree was also adopted the Statute of the interim UPB
9.10.1971 when it was formally inaugurated the Institute (INTEXTER).
In November 1973, the Institute's Governing Board discussed the amendment of the regulation to adapt the regulations of the UPB.
The staff was included on the payroll of the UPB I also awarded three grants and three of Research Collaborator. Previously the U.P.B. had granted three seats Administrative Assistant, and since its establishment took over the cost of maintenance of the building.
It was the decade of the 70s when it was consolidated staffing researcher, by incorporating a number of graduates who did his doctoral thesis at the Institute.
With the entry into force of the Law on University Reform LRU 1983, the Institute was established as College and was renamed "Institut d'Investigació Tèxtil i Industrial Cooperació the Polytechnic University of Catalunya (UPC-INTEXTER).
Following the new law was significant legislative and administrative changes within the INTEXTER. As a result, had to change the rules of the Institute to adapt to the new law as the new Regulation of the UPC The new regulation INTEXTER currently in force was approved by the governing bodies of the UPC 19.7.1989.