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Laboratory of Environmental Toxicology

Responsible: Dra. M. Carme Riva Juan
Phone number: + 34 93 739 83 96

Laboratori de Toxicologia
Equipped for the application of analytical techniques of organic halides allowing the most significative determination in the study on the effects of pollutants in the aquatic medium; area for bioassays of acute and chronic toxicity with live culture in the state of latent life and for "in-vitro" cellular studies.

Ecotoxicological studies and assays with aquatic organisms (in vivo/in vitro). Studies of bioaccumulation of metal, dyes, halogenated compounds, etc. Determination of adsorbable halogenated organic compounds (AOX).Determination of pesticides by immunoassay techniques. Evaluation of physiological and histological effects in fishes. Studies of "in-vitro" toxicity with cellular lines of fishes. Development of new methods for toxicological evaluation.

  • Technical courses on Pollution and Environment (Continuing Training Plan of UPC)
  • Postgraduate Course on Environmental Toxicology: Experimental Toxicology Ecotoxicology. Applied Statistics Analysis of toxic substances and pollutants

R&D lines
  • Ecotoxicology of pollutants and water.
  • Physicological and histopathological effects with aquatic organisms.
  • Development of "in-vitro" toxicity methods with cellules and alternative systems to the use of animals in laboratory assays
  • Biochemical and enzymatic studies on the presence of xenobiotics and pollution situations