Textile processes

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The development of textile processes directed to the optimal quality of ended textile product, the optimal performance of the processes, the decrease in energy consumption and the multifunctionality of the fabrics with respect for the environment (absence of toxicity and biodegradability) of extremely importance in the added value of products that, today, demand the consumers and the competitiveness of the European textile industry.

To achieve the above, the phenomenology of the processes (bleaching, dyeing, finishing, detergent, enzymatic treatments, etc.) for the appropriate industrial application is studied, as well as the development of new materials and high-quality textile products. Technical problems are investigated to increase the efficiency of a given production process in the textile field and related sectors, to improve quality and decrease costs. It has the necessary tools to carry out within its scope, what is necessary to achieve the fundamental objectives indicated.

Main lines of research 

  • Cotton and wool bleaching
  • Dyeing and finishing
    • Physic-chemical and kinetics of the dye
    • Processes optimization and control
    • Reuse of dye baths and reduction of pollution
    • Quality and control of the colour
    • Auxiliary products for different requirements of the spinning and weaving processes
  • Surfactants and detergency
    • Textile detergency and clothes care
    • Softeners
    • Application of surfactants as textile auxiliaries
  • Enzymatic treatments


  • Cotton and wool bleaching
  • Dyeing and finishing
    • Improvements in dyeing procedures, finished prints and finished fabrics through UV radiations and ecologic auxiliaries.
    • Application of electrochemical methods to the degradation of reactive dyes and reuse of dye wastewater.
    • Study and development of a process to the direct reuse of dye baths.
    • Development of a process for the direct reuse of dye baths.
  • Surfactants and detergency
    • Improvements in the inhibition of dye transfer in the washing of textiles.
    • Inhibitor agents of colorant transfer in the detergency of the soft textile articles: produced effects and electro kinetics of their mechanisms of action.
  • Enzymatic treatments
    • Environmentally friendly natural fibre enzymatic finish (Biofinishing)