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Ranking of the transparency of public universities

The Fundación Compromiso y Transparencia (Commitment and Transparency Foundation) has drawn up a series of annual reports that analyse the information published on the websites of certain types of institutions, including Spanish public and private universities.

The first edition of this ranking on the year 2011 only included public universities. The report is normally published the year after the analysis.

The evaluation of voluntary transparency and rendering of accounts on university websites considers the effort made to disseminate and publish relevant information about the organisation according to four basic criteria: visibility, accessibility, the frequency of data updates and completeness, in other words, whether the information is exhaustive.

The publishers of this ranking determine whether these criteria are met in a series of areas and indicators.

The areas that are analysed are Mission, Strategic Plan, Staff, Governance, Academic Offerings and Demand, University Senate, Students, Economic Information and Results. Except in the first two cases, the areas comprise a series of indicators on which information is drawn from the institutions’ websites.

The latest full report can be downloaded at this link.