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The UPC in the Examination of Transparency

The assessment of the areas and indicators included by the publishers of this ranking, considering the criteria explained in the presentation, results in the rating of each item as either “Transparent” or “Not transparent”.

Based on these ratings, universities are assigned to one of three main groups: Transparent, Translucent or Opaque.

  • Transparent: this group includes institutions that meet two main criteria: they have twenty or more items, out of a maximum of twenty-six, rated as Transparent, and two of these items are economic information, specifically financial statements and the audit report.
  • Translucent: universities that have at least fifteen indicators rated as Transparent are included in this group.
  • Opaque: institutions that have fewer than fifteen indicators rated as Transparent are placed in this group.

This section provides information on the results obtained by the UPC in the latest editions of the ranking.