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The UPC in U-Multirank

In its evaluation of performance, U-Multirank assigns one of five possible values to each indicator, ranging from “Very good” to “Weak”. The results can be represented in two ways: with the letters A, B, C, D and E or with circles of decreasing size, depending on achievement.

U-Multirank considers that there is no methodological justification for drawing up a composite indicator and using it as the basis for ranking institutions.

By default, universities are sorted in alphabetical order, but they can also be ordered according to the number of maximum scores obtained by institutions. However, they are not ranked by number, so the position of the institutions is not shown directly.

This section provides information on UPC results in the various editions of U-Multirank, in other words, the number of A, B, C, etc. scores obtained by the UPC in each of the classifications in which it participated each year. 

To see the results, click on the corresponding link: