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Conferència: "Tissue Attachment: A Biomimetic Approach"

23/05/2016 de 09:00 a 10:00
INTEXTER – UPC, Colom 15, Terrassa 08221
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Conferència de recerca, organitzada pel grup POLQUITEX: "Tissue Attachment: A Biomimetic Approach", a càrrec de la  Professora Sunita P. Ho (Division of Biomaterials and Bioengineering, University of California San Francisco, USA)


The challenge in treating tooth loosening caused due to bone and root resorption lies in encouraging the regeneration of the critical interfaces that hold the oral tissues together. Tissue engineering is one of the most promising techniques.
However, the major limitation is lack of initial guidelines to fabricate an artificial extracellular matrix (ECM) or scaffold. In order to address this limitation, the structural, chemical and mechanical properties of natural tissues and their binding interfaces are
being characterized. The main objective is to use these properties, collectively termed as biomimetic properties, to formulate gradient based tissue engineering approaches for regeneration and restoration of oral tissues.
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