FOSTEX Fostering innovation in the Jordan and Morocco textile industry


Fostex project aims to fill the gap in the area of specialized services for the textile sector, establishing two textile centres in Jordan and upgrading two textile centres in Morocco.

The project also aims to reinforce the link between university research efforts and the textile industry to foster innovation and the manufacturing of high added value products. The textile sector in Morocco and Jordan consists of companies that have limited access to services like testing, training, research, studies, technology and financial funding instruments. The involved universities in the two countries aim to develop focal points that bring together enterprises, universities and research centres in advanced textile production. By focusing on knowledge sharing, entrepreneurial skills, socio-cultural factors and innovation potentials, Fostex contributes to fulfil the universities’ third mission, that is strengthening the ‘knowledge triangle’ by linking education with research and innovation, stimulating the social and economic development. Fostex initiatives has the ambitious and challenging purpose to push the existing centres at two Moroccan Universities – Ecole Supérieure des Industries du Textile et de l’Habillement and Université Hassan II de Casablanca – further, transforming them into innovation textile hubs addressed to companies on the first hand, providing advanced and specialized services. In parallel, the involved Jordanian universities (Jordan University of Science and Technology and Al Balqa Applied University) will set up new innovation hubs to overcome the lack of specialized support from Higher Education Institutions in the country, giving the possibilities to the companies of the sector to invest in quality, innovation and to design added value products. 



The main objective of this international initiative is to foster the university-industry collaboration, to support the development of innovation in the textile sector in Morocco and Jordan, and to generate an ecosystem of advanced textile materials.


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Responsables equip UPC

Mònica Ardanuy (Cordinadora del projecte), Heura Ventura i Laura González-López


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Data inici: Gener 2019

Data finalització: Desembre 2021