2023 Transparency Test for Universities published and "t for transparent" seals awarded by Fundación Haz

The UPC was awarded the highest web transparency seal by Fundación Haz.

Fundación Haz has awarded its new "t for transparent" seal to those institutions that have applied and certify compliance with a set of web transparency indicators and principles. 

The "t for transparent" seal has three levels of compliance: the t*** category is awarded to those institutions that score more than 90% compliance with the indicators, t** is awarded to scores between 80% and 90%, and t* to scores between 70% and 80%. No seals are awarded below 70% compliance.

With 98% compliance and 55 points out of 56, the UPC has been awarded the t*** transparency seal.

This seal is a recognition of the University’s effort, as evidenced on the UPC Transparent portal.  

For more information on the analysis of the UPC’s transparency and evolution, click on this link.