The Ombuds Officer


The Ombuds Officer

Works to safeguard the rights and freedoms of the University's students, teaching and research staff and administrative and service staff in all of the areas in which the University functions.

The Ombuds Officer may make proposals for improving quality at the University and make suggestions. She may act as a mediator in conflicts within the University at the request of the parties.

In defending the rights of the members of the university community, she promotes peaceful coexistence, an ethical culture and good practices.

Her actions are not subject to the mandates or orders of any of the University's authorities; they are governed by the principles of independence, autonomy, confidentiality and data protection.

The Ombuds Officer is elected by the Board of Trustees for a term of four years.


Who is the Ombuds Officer?

 Anna Serra Tort


Rectorat building. First floor
C. Jordi Girona, 31
08034 Barcelona

Tel.: 93 401 63 36

Office hours: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

How to get there: maps and public transport


What are her functions?

  • She receives complaints, requests and clarifications concerning the functioning of the University.
  • She takes action at the request of the interested party or by virtue of her position when she is aware of a bad practice in the functioning of the University or of an action that impinges on the rights of a member of the university community.
  • She makes proposals and suggestions to the competent authorities to improve quality at the University.


Former Ombuds Officers

Name Date of appointment Start date End date
Antoni Perramon i Dalmau 25 July 1995 22 December 1995 4 October 1998
José Navarro Solé 23 December 1998 11 February 1999 31 August 2008
Xavier Ortega Aramburu June 2008 September 2008 14 November 2016
Neus París Domènech 14 November 2016  21 December 2016 30 November 2021
Isabel Mercader Calvo  (Acting Ombuds Officer) 1 December 2021 7 June 2022