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Chemical Textile Technology Laboratory

Head of Laboratory: Dr. Fernando Carrillo Navarrete
Phone number: +34 93 739 82 99 


The Chemical Textile Technology Laboratory develops activities related with physical chemistry, optimization and control of chemical-textile industrial processes of preparation, dyeing and finishing with the aim to obtain fully integrated processes, both from industrial and environmental point of view.

Lines of research

  • Physical-chemistry and dyeing kinetics.
  • Reproduction of processes at laboratory and pilot plant scale
  • Optimization of processes to minimize its environmental impact.
  • Studies of application of new auxiliaries and products for preparation, dyeing and finishing operations.
  • Enzymatic applications.
  • Quality control of final product: colour fastness to standardized agents (according ISO 105), shrinkage, pilling, UV protection factor, permeability, surface properties.
  • Colour measurement: chromatic coordinates, colour differences, degree of whiteness.


  • Reflection spectrophotometer.
  • UV-Vis spectrophotometer.
  • Fluorescence spectrophotometer.
  • UV diffuse transmittance analyser.
  • Appliances and tools to making dyes in a laboratory and in a pilot plant.
  • Equipment for colour fastness testsaccording to ISO 105: Xenotest, Linitest, Fixotest, Crockmeter.
  • Air and water permeability testers.
  • Martindale abrasion tester.
  • Contact angle analyser.