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Mechanical Textile System and Processes Laboratory

Head of Laboratory: José Antonio Tornero García
Phone number:  +34 93 739 82 66

PresentationLaboratori de Sistemes i Processos Tèxtils Mecànics

The Systems Laboratory is equipped to design, construct and study experimental textile production machinery, as well as the development of textile materials with physical procedures. Some capacities available are:

  • Human team of textile, computer, electronic and mechanical engineering: with capacity to develop experimental textile systems based on conventional or innovation technologies.
  • Mechanical workshop: with equipment to construct and modify laboratory size equipment and small pilot (freses CNC, lathes, printer 3D, etc.)
  • Electronics workshop: with capacity to implement controls based on PLC, microcontrollers, sensor reading, actuators, programming of controls, assembly of panels controls, low and medium power.
  • Equipment for physical process analysis: high speed camera, thermography, Doppler laser anemometry, laser micrometry, various sensors and data logging.
  • Laboratory for textile materials physical analysis: strength, regularity, friction, flexibility, compressibility, etc.


  • Machining equipment (manual and CNC, 3D printer)
  • Electronic laboratory equipment
  • High speed camera
  • Thermographic camera
  • Doppler laser anemometer (LDA)
  • Laser micrometry
  • Equipment for yarn characterization (USTER tester, tensokid, afis, tensojet)
  • Equipment for fabric characterization
  • Electrostatic spinning equipment


M3: Obtaining textile substrates

M5: Non-woven fabrics

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