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Surfactants and Detergency Laboratory

Head of laboratory: Prof. Manuel José Lis Arias
Phone number: +34 93 739 82 77


Surfactants products

  • Measurement of its physic-chemical properties (mycelium, wetting, foaming, emulsification, dispersion, etc.)
  • Application of these products to textile processes of textile ennobling: changes in textiles during their ennobling through these products, dimensional stability, touch, capillarity, softness, colour differences, whiteness, yellowing, absorption kinetics, contact angles, imbibition power, water absorption, power for capillarity, etc.


  • Textile washing processes
  • Electro kinetics studies (zeta potential)
  • Degradation by washing

Textile detergency

  • Parameters relative to the use of detergent and adjuvant additives, washing conditions and complementary drying, ironing and smoothing operations such as: detergent efficiency, incrustations, whiteness, colour, dimensional variation, touch redepositing of impurities, “wash and wear” tests.
  • Stability and particle size of emulsions, micro emulsions and dispersions.


Lines R+D

  • Physic- chemical of surfactant products and textile detergency
  • Detergent evaluation and optimization of washing processes
  • Application of surfactants to textile ennoblement processes.
  • Formation of electrical double layers, electro kinetic phenomena
  • Surfactant characterization and its application to interfacial phenomena