Vés al contingut (premeu Retorn)

Numbers. Time of day

Interuniversity Style Guide

    The content of these guidelines is taken from the Vives University Network’s Interuniversity Style Guide for Writing Institutional Texts, an interuniversity project in which the UPC participated with the support of the Secretariat for Universities and Research of the Government of Catalonia.


    Time of day

    • Use the 12-hour clock rather than the 24-hour clock. Write a.m. and p.m. with points and insert a non-breaking space between the time and the abbreviation. Use a point to separate hours from minutes.

      The lecture starts at 9.30 a.m.
      The library closes at 7.30 p.m.

    • Spell out the number with the term o'clock, which is used to designate exact hours only.

      The rector's speech will begin at four o'clock.

    • Use the terms noon (or 12 noon) and midnight, rather than 12 p.m. and 12 a.m.

      The tutorial, which was due to begin at noon, began at 1.15 p.m.
      The campus copy shop closes at 12 noon.
      The faculty bar will serve coffee until midnight.