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Punctuation. Ellipsis points

Interuniversity Style Guide

    The content of these guidelines is taken from the third edition of the Vives University Network’s Interuniversity Style Guide for Writing Institutional Texts, an interuniversity project in which the UPC participates with the support of the Secretariat for Universities and Research of the Government of Catalonia.


    Ellipsis points

    • Ellipsis points with a space on either side are used to denote missing words from the middle of a direct quotation. Used at the end of a sentence without a space, they indicate that the sentence has been left unfinished.

      "This morning's lecture was very interesting."
      The lecturer warned her students: "The reports are due next Friday. If I don't get them"

    • Do not use ellipsis points to indicate an incomplete list.

      *This unit deals with promotion, advertising, outreach…
      This unit deals with promotion, advertising, outreach, etc.