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First steps



Getting informed

What is the language of instruction? And for exams? These FAQs will answer all your questions.

Descobreixo Catalunya

Discovering Catalonia

Gastronomy, history, tradition, culture... Everything you need to know at a click.

Aprenc català abans de venir

Learning Catalan before arriving

The internet allows you to have a first contact with our language from anywhere in the world.

Em familiaritzo amb l'entorn

Settling in

How should I greet people? Should I kiss them? Find out what Catalans are like and how we interact.

Començo a parlar

Starting to speak

Catalan and Spanish share 80% of their lexicon. Check it out by reading this pocket guide.

Vaig a l'Orientation Week

Attending the Orientation Week

Students from all over the world meet up to get a sense of the UPC.

Milloro els meus idiomes

Joining Catalan for Beginners

Take a 6-week course that includes face-to-face sessions and virtual learning for only €20.

M'apunto al Catalan for Beginners

Improving my languages

Spanish, English, French, German... Learn a new language or improve the ones you already know.

Consulto paraules des del mòbil

Joining  SALSA'M

Looking for a mentor? SALSA’M is a buddy programme that connects you with local students.

Participo al SALSA'M

Looking words up in your phone

A free app for word definitions and pronunciation in several languages.