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Language uses and rights at the UPC

Protocol on language use in the classroom Mailbox on language uses and rights


In 2021, Catalan universities reached agreements on the use of Catalan that the UPC is committed to promoting.

  • In June, universities belonging to the Catalan Association of Public Universities (ACUP) signed the Commitment against the Crisis in Education, the third priority of which is to halt the declining use of the Catalan language in teaching and research at universities. The aim of reaching 80% of teaching in Catalan was established.
  • In May, the Ombuds Officer of Catalonia addressed the universities to propose measures on using Catalan in teaching, maintaining the stated language of instruction and making channels available for raising complaints regarding language rights.
  • In March, the Interuniversity Council of Catalonia (CIC) approved a decision on guaranteeing the language of instruction, in which it reaffirms its commitment to language transparency and safety and to fostering Catalan as the teaching and administrative language that is normally and principally used in the university system.
  • In 2021, the CIC’s Language Policy Committee worked on the language indicators established in 2010, which are linked to university funding, to improve the completeness and reliability of the data on language use in teaching.


What are language transparency and language safety?

  • Students have the right to know what language a subject will be taught in before they enrol.
  • The stated language is a commitment that brings language safety to both the professor who teaches the subject and the students who enrol in it, in the face of individual requests for a change in language.
  • Language transparency and language safety are the third objective of the UPC Language Plan in the area of language availability.


Language policy at the UPC

  • Catalan is the University’s main language and its normal means of expression (Art. 11, UPC Statutes). Spanish is used alongside Catalan and involves the same rights for all members of the University (Art. 11, UPC Statutes).
  • The UPC draws up language plans that incorporate foreign languages and promote multilingualism and interculturality within the framework of a language policy that is committed to the language specific to the territory and to international outreach (Art. 113, UPC Statutes).
  • The UPC Language Plan (CG 12/2010) is the instrument of the University’s language policy though which the objectives for knowledge, use, quality and interaction or distribution of languages are agreed, in accordance with institutional priorities.