UPC Language Plan


Under the direction of the Office of the Vice-Rector for Quality and Language Policy.


The UPC Language Plan is the UPC’s language policy instrument, provided for in Article 113 of the Statutes.


 2022-2025 UPC Language Plan


Objectives of the UPC Language Plan

The UPC Language Plan's 12 objectives, grouped into 4 areas, reflect the UPC’s strategic aims for the period 2022–2025, which must be deployed in action plans and indicators that make the commitments to be met concrete.

Use of languages

1. Use of Catalan: to strengthen the use of Catalan in areas such as teaching and other academic activities, research, knowledge transfer, administration and institutional uses.

2. Use of English: to extend the use of English, particularly in areas such as course offerings.

3. Language safety: to guarantee the principles of language transparency and safety in the use of languages in teaching and the language rights of members of the community.


Knowledge of languages

4. Knowledge of Catalan: to guarantee sufficient knowledge of Catalan and the certification of the language level required of staff groups, in accordance with the legal framework.

5. Knowledge of English: to increase knowledge of English among members of the community and guarantee the certification of this knowledge, in accordance with the established regulations.

6. Effective communication: to promote the improvement of staff members’ communication skills and students’ acquisition of communication skills and the effective communication competency.


Reception and interculturality

7. Cultural and language reception: to make cultural and language reception programmes for international students and other international groups universal.

8. Intercultural activities: to extend the mentoring programme and intercultural activities that foster interaction between local and international students.

9. Intercultural competency: to promote the development of the intercultural competency of members of the community.


Language quality

10. Language support services: to agree on services and circuits to ensure the quality of multilingual communications and lend support to members of the community.

11. Language support resources: to agree on the criteria of the UPC style guide and make multilingual resources available to lend support to members of the community.

12. Multilingual terminology: to produce multilingual terminology in the UPC’s areas of knowledge and contribute to the production and dissemination of technical and scientific terminology in Catalan.


Further information is available in the Catalan version of the website.