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Resources for discovering Catalan culture, learning Catalan and practising languages

Catalonia at a click

This virtual tour provides useful information on life in Catalonia, including its history, local cuisine and festivals. Acces the resource


This university phrasebook with downloadable audio files will help you to pick up your first few words in Catalan. Acces the resource

App guies de conversa universitària

A mobile application that is available in various language combinations, including Catalan, Spanish, French and English. The guides are useful tools for the communicative situations that you are likely to encounter while you are here. Acces the resource

80 pistes

This pocket guide provides tips on the customs and manners of Catalan society such as how to greet a person you have just met, punctuality, family ties and body language. Accés al recurs

This virtual learning environment provides teaching materials for learning Catalan. Acces the resource


This resource portal includes free online Catalan courses, bilingual university guides and self-correcting exercises. Acces the resource

Materials de classe

Just Arrived. Audiovisual material for teachers of the Just Arrived language and cultural reception workshop:

Language Exchange Support Guide

University language service resource for practical language use and fostering interculturalism.

Versió catalana
Versión castellana English version